A travelogue-journal-sketchbook-memoir! This ongoing webcomic records a 2011 trip to South Africa. Recently married, my parents took my husband and I on a trip to show him where I grew up. From details a trip full of memories resurfacing through experiences like another side of a coin. The webcomic is currently on hold while I finish a graphic novel, but will restart in future, so be sure to follow via RSS. For now, you can read several chapters, or buy a beautifully-produced minicomic of the first 3 chapters!

Small Stories

Small Stories

This webcomic came about because of my love of short comics - I had a veritable pick 'n mix of shorts, experiments, and journal comics, and wanted a more regular way to share them. Small Stories is currently mostly on hold while I finish a graphic novel, but updates now and then (follow via RSS!), and has an archive with lots of shorts to keep you occupied!

Blue You

I contributed a 6-page short to Julia Scheele's excellent project 69 Love Songs, Illustrated, collecting comics based on all 69 of the Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs.

Recent Books and Minicomics

Atomic Sheep

Atomic Sheep

Sixteen year old Tamrika Fuller is happy with her life. With good friends and good grades, she's content to keep her options open for her future. But when her parents reveal they've been saving for several years to send her to their Alma Mater for her final years of high school – an old-fashioned boarding academy miles from her home in Vancouver – she's thrown out of her comfort zone.

Now and Then

A short story set in the Derbyshire countryside. A woman is visiting the area, and through dreams, walks, and historical objects of everyday life, is drawn into a meditation on our relationship with the past. Read a wonderful review by Page 45 here, see some pages here, and buy here!

The Way We Sleep

Various artists // Ed. C. James Bye and Jessa Marsh // Curbside Splendor

An anthology of stories and comics all examining our relationship with sleep. (Vestige, 2 page short comic.)

Thought Bubble Vol. 1

Various artists // Image Comics

The first annual anthology of comic art festival Thought Bubble, featuring a great range of creators as well as winners of the first Northern Sequential Art Competition. (The Very Best, 1 page comic, second prize 18+ in NSAC.)

1000 Ideas by 100 Manga Artists

Various artists // Ed. Christian Campos // Rockside Publishers Inc

An artbook featuring illustrations from 100 artists from around the world with a wide range of styles, as well as tips answering questions about their work and process.

This isn't an exhaustive list, but features some recent things you can read and/or buy! Other past works include anthologies from UK comics collective IndieManga, available here.